Welcome to our little shop! We stock a range of planty accessories including locally made clear pots, plant nutrients and Crazy Keiki Paste.

Also home to Itsyleaf Ceramics!

Plant are sent on Mondays & Tuesdays only to avoid any courier delays. Pick ups always available by arrangement.

Nz Made Ceramics

    Handmade pottery made by ItsyLeaf Ceramics (aka me!)    I pack everything incredibly... 

Spruce up the plant babies 💚

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Planty favourites!

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Who we are

We are an Auckland based ceramic artist, plant & accessories store. Everything we sell, we use and / or make in our own home. 

Shop small-batch unique and often playful ceramic pieces handmade by ItsyLeaf Ceramics (me!).

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, I make a variety of pieces that include mugs, plants & bowls in small batches.

x Azza @ itsyLeaf

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