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Full spectrum LED Growlight

Full spectrum LED Growlight

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Want a more integrated look for grow lights on your plant shelf? These are the perfect solution! I've been using mine for the last 6 months and all my little prop box and bigger plants are loving it, everything including the hoyas have put out new growth, this is on my super dark bookshelf too!

PS That's my set up you see in the main reference image!

Available as a double or quad growlight

Emits full spectrum white light so you don't have that pink glow out your windows at night ( that would be me..!)

 Easy install, just plug in, stick it on (beware the double sided tape is STRONG) or use the included screws and away you go!

What's Included

  1. 1x Double Grow Lights (x2 10w strips at 48 LEDs per bar OR x1 Quad Grow lights (x4 10w strips)
  2. 1x USB Power Adapter
  3. 2x Double Sided Tape
  4. 8x Screws
  5. 1x User Manual


  1. Can be set to a 2hr, 4hr or 8hr timer 
  2. Adjustable brightness - 25%, 50%, 75% & 100%
  3. NZ Plug head
  4. Full spectrum white lighting

 Please note some of the boxes when received may be slightly squished, but we always test each and every item before sending to make sure everything is ok! :)


As always please research the environmental requirements for your plant to see if you are providing the correct lighting levels.

As a word of caution, as with all electronic devices, we do not recommend you keep this in an enclosed prop box / tank etc, this can result in the electronics short circuiting and failing. 

Please ensure there is more than adequate ventilation to allow moisture to escape.

Because of this we cannot offer replacement due to improper use. 



Please note for any refunds will be less Shopify related transaction fees that we cannot recoup, typically a minimum of 3.5% of the total order depending on the payment method, plus a minimum of 2% extra for buy now pay later providers).

Thank you for being so understanding!

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