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KiwiChar Soil Enhancer

KiwiChar Soil Enhancer

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In stock now! Want to level up your potting mix? Introducing Biochar!

For best results be sure to mix Biochar into your favourite compost mix and leave it to ‘’marinade’ for at least a few days for maximum benefit. 

A little goes a long way! Allow for a ratio of 1:40 approximately when adding to your potting / compost mix (1L of Biochar to 40L of potting mix). I use it mixed in with our bark, pumice, fern fibre and the plants love it.


Biochar is charcoal. KIWICHAR is made up of 100% organic non-treated Radiata pine. This organic material optimises the ability of the product to retain and purify water as well as make available associated nutrients  - either applied or within the soil. When 'treated' wood is used to manufacture biochar the efficacy of these key characteristics is potentially compromised and the quality of the product is negatively affected.

What is KIWICHAR good for?


Soil moisture retention (drought conditions), soil nutrient retention (assisting in stabilising applied and pre-existing nutrients within the soil and making them available to plants for a far longer time). Carbon sequestration, microbial activity (the range and diversity of soil microflora and fauna will increase with the use of biochar within the soil ecosystem), and enhanced plant shooting and rooting.

Read about KiwiChar on here.

As always it’s advised you research the particular environmental and watering needs of your plant to see if it is a suitable medium for them.

Available in handy 3L bags.


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