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Mini trellis - Circles - Restocked!

Mini trellis - Circles - Restocked!

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A sweet little mini trellis for your smaller plant bebes!

These look great with a little Hoya or other climbing baby, just stick into a nursery pot, pour in your usual potting mix and your new baby plant has a snazzy new look!

Approximate dimensions:

300mm H (Inc 100mm foot) x 100mm wide 

Please note these are more of a powdercoated / painted gold look rather than brass. Some items may have minor imperfections.

Colour may vary slightly according to your device settings too. 


Please note for any refunds will be less Shopify related transaction fees that we cannot recoup, typically a minimum of 3.5% of the total order depending on the payment method, plus a minimum of 2% extra for buy now pay later providers).

Thank you for being so understanding!

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