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Tree Fern Boards

Tree Fern Boards

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Tree fern boards for your terrariums! Grow all your little climbers up them or use these boards as a way to help maintain the humidity in your tanks too.

Climbing plants like aroid and hoyas (or a super cute string of turtles!) take readily to these, watering is easy as it doesn't repel water and has the same great moisture retentive properties as the traditional soft substrate we use for in our potting medium much unlike traditional moss poles that can become less absorbent over time.

As always it’s advised you research the particular environmental and watering needs of your plant to see if it is a suitable for them.

Comes in a twin pack for double the fun.

30.5cm x15.2 x 1.5cm (Approximate dimensions)

*Sustainably harvested from private New Zealand forests!


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