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Swirly cups

Swirly cups

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A little cup perfect to hold for your morning coffee or anytime you need a little warm hug.

This cup is made from a mix of midfired NZ speckled clay, hand thrown & trimmed on the wheel. Each one is unique!

Fully glazed inside. Approximately 7 x 7cmH (expect 5mm variance) which holds about 200ml of liquid. 

Lovingly handmade in an Auckland Studio


Colours may vary slightly depending on your monitor or device. 

As these are handcrafted items, some imperfections may occur.

Dishwasher & microwave safe, but to prolong the longevity of your ceramics, we always recommend handwashing with warm soapy water.

Measurements are approximate, some may be a little bit bigger, some may be a little bit smaller! Also with mix clay the ratios and patterns will always vary, so the images above are a guide only. 


PRE-ORDER for this Item, typically ships 8 - 10 weeks after order is placed, this could potentially take longer. I will be in touch to confirm dates with you if this happenes once I get your order started.





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