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Portable Mini Fan

Portable Mini Fan

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 *Please note boxes arrived slightly crushed for this shipment but each unit is tested before shipping.

Here's a super cute fan that's great for personal use, or better yet, your plants! For a really thriving environment for most tropical plants, the 3 key features are warmth, humidity and air circulation! I find with a lack of moving air where my plants are, there tends to be far more pest problems than if the air is moving freely.

I find this fan great as it's wireless and lasts up to an hour on a single charge on the lowest fan setting (I just leave mine plugged in if needed for constant circulation). Comes in 3 very cute colours.

Each portable fan comes with:

  • Matching neck strap
  • Micro USB Cable ( You will need a usb plug to use this, or plug it into a power bank!)

Has 3 speed settings for low, medium and high, and features a little pop out stand so that it can sit on your desk top or near your plants where some good ol' air circulation is key for happier plants and to reduce the likelihood of pests (pests love stale air!), two choices for either white light, or super cute rainbow colour changing light, the lighting is quite soft and does not bother me in any way. You can also turn off the light should you need to.

 To use:

  • Press once to turn on (lowest setting)
  • Press again to increase fan speed (medium setting)
  • Press once more to increase to highest fan speed
  • Press once more to turn off

Very limited numbers only for now



As a word of caution, as with all electronic devices, we do not recommend you keep this fan in an enclosed prop box / tank etc, this can result in the electronics short circuiting and failing. 

Please ensure there is more than adequate ventilation to allow moisture to escape

Because of this we cannot offer replacement due to improper use. 



Please note for any refunds will be less Shopify related transaction fees that we cannot recoup, typically a minimum of 3.5% of the total order depending on the payment method, plus a minimum of 2% extra for buy now pay later providers).

Thank you for being so understanding!

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