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Nepenthes “Susan”

Nepenthes “Susan”

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A beautiful established Nepenthes “Susan” in a 14cm black hanging nursery pot. 

The Nepenthes ‘Susan’, is a cross between Nepenthes Rafflesiania x Ampullaria (look it up! It’s the cutest) and and produces creamy yellow coloured pitchers, some with a slight blush on the bottom crimson red, when mature they produce gorgeous burgundy speckles & strips. (Yum!)

One of the cutest of the lowland pitcher plants (if I do say so myself!) with mature plants producing an abundance of bright red pitchers. Can be grown in intermediate to true lowland conditions. These guys do best in a warm greenhouse or indoors.


Loves a warm and bright spot with high humidity, give it a few hours of indirect sunlight, be sure to provide at least 50 % shade if in a greenhouse.

I tend to water till water drains out the pot, making sure the medium never dries out completely, but not soaking wet! Remember never to water these with fertiliser as they will not like it one bit. 

Feed it with 1-2 bugs per pitcher per month, if that’s abit too gross then 1 pellet of Osmocote instead as replacement.  




  • No two plants are alike, the plant you receive will have its own unique shape, size and personality; photos are given as a guide only. 
  • Photos are of our actual plants in stock (first two pictures are of mature pitchers including our own), while all of our stock plants are very similar, we are more than happy to email you photos to select the plant you like best. Please leave us a note in the checkout.
  • As this is a nursery stock plant, please note it may take some time for your new plant to acclimatise.




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