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Macodes Petola - Jewel Orchids

Macodes Petola - Jewel Orchids

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A fave amongst Jewel Orchid & plant collectors, this is the one that got me into Jewel Orchids, more commonly known as the “Lightning bolt” orchid for its electrifying veins on its leaves. Have a look at our mature Macodes Petola in the first two photos! 

This is a beautiful slow growing, easy care jewel orchid, often grown for its shimmery velvet foliage alone, but also produces the sweetest little white flowers in spring

Likes a warm position with medium to low filtered light to avoid it getting overly leggy, keep soil evenly moist and don't allow it to dry out completely (ie. Neither bone dry nor soaking wet). Use a free draining premium orchid bark mix or tree fern fibre when repotting (not till the next growing season at the very least, even if that!)

Fertilise during growing season with half strength orchid fertiliser or seaweed tonight.

Loves a bit of extra humidity if you can provide it but not a necessity.

Comes in a 4cm Nursery Pot and is as pictured. Select from the drop down. 


There may be some cosmetic marks on leaves as shown in photos, new growth is unmarked.

We pack our plants with utmost care but as these plants are quite delicate, please be aware that they are sensitive to changes in environment and as such there is always risk in shipping or shipping delays , we would recommend you pick these up if possible. 


Please note for any refunds will be less Shopify related transaction fees that we cannot recoup, typically a minimum of 3.5% of the total order depending on the payment method, plus a minimum of 2% extra for buy now pay later providers).

Thank you for being so understanding!

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