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Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste - 7ml All in one kit

Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste - 7ml All in one kit

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This Keiki Cloning Paste kit is amazing! 

Comes ready to use in the cutest packaging with 5 wooden cotton swabs and instruction booklet.

"A keiki in horticultural terms is a plant produced asexually by an orchid plant, especially Dendrobium, Epidendrum (sensu lato), and Phalaenopsis orchids."

See what everyone's been talking about! Tried and tested here and overseas since 2019, I have had great results with stimulating nodes and new growth. I've personally used these on many of my plants like:

  • hoyas
  • philodendrons
  • anthuriums
  • jewel orchids
  • and many other aroids

Each species have different areas of application for Keiki paste, ask me for advice on where to apply it to get best results, I’m always here for advice! We stand by our products. 

How to use Crazy Keiki clone paste:

  1. Simple application - just apply up to a pea-sized amount to an exposed node. If you are applying this to a plant other than an orchid, to encourage new growth, you do not need to peel off your precious leaves!
  2. New growth or a Keiki clone (if used on orchids) will appear within a few weeks to a month of applying paste.
  3. Done!

Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste is a specially formulated blend of hormones and vitamins that will  convince your plant into stimulating a dormant node and create new growth... naturally! It's super simple to use and a little bit of paste goes a long way. By using keiki paste you can grow your collection and enjoy more lush plants.

A few key points about Crazy "Keiki Cloning paste":

  • Contains a blend of several natural cytokinin plant growth hormones that promote cell division
  • Water resistant - Added to lanolin so your paste won’t wash off during watering.
  • Fertilizes your new growth or baby orchid which also protects plant from fungus and viruses

Have fun experimenting on different plants and cuttings, be sure to tag us on Instagram to share in the excitement! @itsyleaf

ORCHIDS For more detailed instructions on the use of keiki clone paste on orchids click here

AROIDS For more detailed instructions on the use of keiki clone paste on aroids click here 

Other varieties of plants here too!

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Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste

orchid Keiki cloning paste


Special blend of natural plant growth hormones and vitamins help stimulate mother plant to reproduce while fertilizing baby orchid and protect plant from fungus and viruses.

WHY "CRAZY KEIKI CLONING PASTE" OVER THE COMPETITION? Full service kit with EVERYTHING you need to clone your own keiki within minutes of receiving the box. FULL COLOR step-by-step detailed instructions with pictures will make you an orchid cloning expert in no time! Sticky water-resistant paste will stay on the plant for months so you only need to apply paste ONCE AND YOUR DONE!

Paste is manufactured from high quality ingredients in Fort Worth, Texas. A LITTLE PASTE GOES A LONG WAY! One sealable glass vial is enough for plenty of applications. Protect your plant collection from unexpected demise by growing extra backups of your favorite plants. After applying paste, wait until keiki grows and produces a couple roots ½ inch long before twisting off and repotting.

AN UNUSUAL PRESENT FOR GARDEN OR SCIENCE NERDS The gift recipient will love experimenting with the many plants Keiki paste can be applied too including African Violets, Catteleya, Vandas, Roses, Bonsai, Pitcher Plants, Moth Orchids and More!



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