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Hoya Nummularioides

Hoya Nummularioides

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Established Hoya Nummularioides in a 6 cm translucent nursery pot, with new growth.

A warm growing hoya from the Thailand with the cutest small, round, succulent like leaves, that have the slightest touch of fuzz. Produces even cuter minuscule fragrant penduncles. Enjoys moderate humidity and lots of light to get that pinky blush on its leaves. 

Water only when dry, this plant does not like wet feet as it stores so much water in its leaves. Must have very well draining soil and will happily will live next to a window with bright indirect light all year round.



The plant you receive will have its own unique shape, size and personality; While every effort has been taken to take accurate photos of each plant, photos are given as a guide only. Please select which plant baby you want from the drop down! 



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