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Hoya Globulosa

Hoya Globulosa

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A special Hoya from our collection! These established Hoyas will come in a 6 cm clear nursery pot and already has new growth, which will emerge even more in the next month or so provided optimal conditions. 

Loves a cool but bright spot but with a good amount air movement. It likes a bit of humidity too if you can provide it.  I’ve found mine does like to climb, so give it something when new tendrils shoot out. Feed with some liquid orchid fertiliser to encourage blooming during the growing season. Provide shelter for it in winter, do not overwater! It does not like wet feet. 

Please note that this is not a Hoya for beginners and can sometimes be challenging even for seasoned hoya growers! We strongly suggest you research its care before purchasing. In saying that if you give it the right conditions it will thrive and grow well for you. We have ours growing in a greenhouse with double shade cloth.

Water only when the top 2 inches of soil is dry as they do not like wet feet. Feed weekly with diluted plant food during the growing season. 


Note: Plants as pictured, first photo is of our gorgeous mother plant! 

Colours may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings. We have tried our hardest to represent the true colour of leaves in the first reference image. 


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