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Hoya Curtisii

Hoya Curtisii

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Established Hoya Curtisii in a 6cm nursery pot with new growth.

A super sweet humidity loving hoya native to Southeast Asia with delicious small spade shaped leaves that have silvery splashes. Produces softly scented tiny fuzzy blooms once or twice a year. The flowers have a citrusy or melon-like scent and are typically white, yellow-green, or beige with a pink or red center.

Water when only just dry, this plant does not like wet feet but loves a bit of extra humidity if you can provide it. It also happily will live next to a south facing window year round.

Main picture is of our beautiful mother plant!



Plants as pictured, select the plant you want from the drop down!

The plant you receive will have its own unique shape, size and personality; While every effort has been taken to take accurate photos of each plant, photos are given as a guide only. 



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