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Fish & Seaweed Soil Conditioner with Trichoderma - 500ml

Fish & Seaweed Soil Conditioner with Trichoderma - 500ml

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Help support lush growth in your plant babies by conditioning your soil! Way before getting into fertilisers, I was using just Seaweed tonic for my plants and always got compliments of how green they were and always put out beautiful new growth, my hoyas especially loved them.

As this is not a fertiliser as such you can use it at half strength throughout winter, I do this with every watering (crazy I know!). Combine this with Dynagro fertilisers and you’ve got the perfect combo for happy plants!

This tonic is a 3 in 1 with fish, seaweed and added trichoderma which is a strong natural biocontrol agent for soil born diseases + great for not only houseplants but also roses, fruit trees, veges, lawns and more. 

Happy plants = happy plant parents 

For houseplants : Mix a ratio of 30mls to 1L of water, a little goes a very long way!

Use every other watering during the growing season.

Comes in a 500ml bottle



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