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Dry Sphagnum Moss (In stock!)

Dry Sphagnum Moss (In stock!)

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Another great medium that I love! Used by both commercial growers & plant enthusiasts, Besgrow New Zealand sphagnum moss is great for:

  1. Propagation
  2. Chopped up & mixed into a potting medium,
  3. Seed germination,
  4. Moss poles,
  5. Air layering or a myriad of other uses!

I also use it for wrapping around the exposed stems of anthuriums once they have been potted to encourage further aerial roots and maintain slightly more moisture.

Also amazing for carnivorous plants, Fresh Moss is a popular choice for growing carnivorous plants as it may continue to grow in the right conditions. I use it chopped up with fine pumice and peat for my carnivorous plant mediums when I need a chunkier but moist mix and / or wrapped around the roots before planting . 

Easy to use just straight out of the bag, and a quick pre-soak before use!

Comes in a 150g bag that makes 12L when saturated!

Sustainably harvested in New Zealand.



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