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Crassula ‘Buddha’s Temple’

Crassula ‘Buddha’s Temple’

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The holy grail in the succulent world and worshipped by many succulent and cacti collectors.

These plants come in a 5cm propagation pot, currently 4-5cm tall. Slightly sunstressed but give it a good feed and some aqequate (not hot!) sun and it’ll be looking beautiful in no time. 

Loves a warm sunny spot. And is super easy care, we have ours inside the greenhouse protected from frost. They'll grow into columnar clusters after trimming, looks similar to a medusa head. 

Currently potted in peat perlite mix, will need to be repotted into cacti & succulent mix.  Water only when the soil is dry, do not sit in water.  Feed with diluted plant food during the growing season.  


Note: First image shown is the mother plant for reference only. Please email if you need more photos. As these have very fragile root systems please do not repot them until the next growing season.

Colours may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings. We have tried our hardest to represent the true colour of leaves in the first reference image. 


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