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Begonia Goegoensis

Begonia Goegoensis

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Beautiful 'Fire king' Begonia Goegoensis.  Grown from divisions off my mother plant. A cool one for any begonia collector.  New leaf has beautiful deep red colour and turn purplish-green with tortoise shell pattern as the leaves mature. 

These  established babies come in a 6cm nursery pot, we advise that you do not repot until the next growing season. 

Loves a bright, warm spot, away from direct sun. It likes a bit of humidity too if you can provide it, avoid moisture sitting on the leaves.

Water only when the top 2 inches of soil is dry as they do not like wet feet and can rot easily if left to wet for long periods of time. Feed weekly with diluted plant food during the growing season. 



These plants may not travel well as they are cold sensitive, if your plant arrives a bit floppy, put it somewhere warm and humid and it should perk up.

Plants as pictured. 

Colours may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings. We have tried our hardest to represent the true colour of leaves.

 Happy planting! 


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