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Anthurium Crystallinum x (New stock!) - Batch 1

Anthurium Crystallinum x (New stock!) - Batch 1

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Something a little special! Seed grown Baby Anthurium Crystallinum X seedlings that have come from a successful hand pollination of my mother plant! These were sown 23rd September 2021.


Unfortunately I wasn’t too careful with making sure my brush was clean between using pollen from other Anthurium plants, so there might be a bit of A.Warocqueanum / A.Magnificum / A.Crystallinum x pollen all jumbled in!

It’s likely to be Crystallinum x just from how the leaves have formed but it’s anyones guess until the day you get it to full maturity & an inflorescence for positive ID. 

These baby seedlings will come in a 6cm nursery pot, we advise that you do not repot until the next growing season as they are only young and still establishing their roots. As these are only young seedlings they will benefit from growing in a prop box in a warm room, possibly a heat mat if it's colder where you live.

Loves a bright, warm spot, away from direct sun. It likes a bit of humidity too if you can provide it. 

Water only when the top 2 inches of soil is dry as they do not like wet feet and can rot easily if left to wet for long periods of time. Feed weekly with diluted plant food during the growing season. 



Images shown for reference. First picture is of a typical seedling, your plant may be slightly larger or slightly smaller, all from the same batch! Some seedlings are showing more veins on their leaves, as shown in a picture of them taken a few weeks ago. 

Colours may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings. We have tried our hardest to represent the true colour of leaves in the first reference image. 

Happy planting! 


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