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10cm Translucent nursery pots

10cm Translucent nursery pots

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NZ Made! We've managed to source a few more of these in 10cms yay!

Take the guess work out of watering when using these fantastic clear nursery pots. Handy when you can see if your growing medium is still moist or if they need a good drink of water. Boosts the growth of of epiphytes and orchids that like light exposure to their roots. 

I find them very handy for rooting a number of cuttings. One of the best ways to ensure the health of your precious plant babies & propagation, it's super easy to keep an eye on things by just taking a peek.

Super clever design on the bottom that helps stop your pot from sitting in water.

Made of durable flexible plastic so these will last a while!

  • x10 nursery pots (Picture shows 10 pots)
  • 10cmD x 10cmH
  • Also available in other sizes such as 6cm12cm & 15cm

Please note as these were intended mostly as propagation / inner pots, some pots may have slight imperfections. 

100% Recyclable plastic! 

 Yes you can recycle these with your household items.


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