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We'd love to hear from you!

For any questions, suggestions or feedback:
For enquiries about pottery commissions, please include the following info
(just as a guide!):
        • Number  -  Let me know how many pieces you require
        • Sizing  -  Approximate size of each piece
        • Clay -  What type of clay you would prefer (Speckled or non speckled), dependent on availability
        • Glaze -  Attach an image from my page that is similar to the glaze you want 
        • Date  -  when you would require these to be completed by
    Please note:
    Any commissions over 5 pieces would require a 20% deposit,
    While I will try my hardest to create or the look you want, as with the nature custom made individual work, some variation will always occur, typically in the shaping of your custom pieces and when glazing them. It truly makes anything you have made by me, one of a kind!
    I look forward to hearing from you!