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Twiggy Humidifier
Twiggy Humidifier
Twiggy Humidifier
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Twiggy Humidifier

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Twiggy Humidifier

An alternative to the rainbow humidifier if you're after a different look. Just as cool and just as compact, great for where you have plants and need humidity but don't have much room!

This guy comes with it's own bottle that so there's no need to hunt for an additional container, simply fill with water not right to the top or you'll make a cool water fountain effect like me.....wait about 5-10 minutes for the sponge filter to soak up enough water. Handy not just for plants but wherever you need humidity! 

Each humidifier comes with:

  • x1 Spare Sponge filters
  • USB Cable ( You will need a usb plug to use this)
  • Water container

Has 2 settings for humidity, either continous or intermittent, little leaf glows green when it's turned on, which I love!

 To use:

  • Short press once to turn on Humidifier (4 hrs continuous mode)
  • Short press again for intermittent puffs of humidity.
  • Long press to turn off the little leaf light
  • Long press again to turn everything off

*To turn everything off do three short presses.



When you first get your humidifier set up I found it took a while to get going as the foam wand inside took a short while to absorb the water, after that away you go!

PS. Some boxes were dented during transit but each humidifier is always tested before being shipped off to their new home.

As a word of caution, as with all electronic devices, we do not recommend you keep this in an enclosed prop box / tank etc, this can result in the electronics short circuiting and failing. 

Please ensure there is more than adequate ventilation to allow moisture to escape

Because of this we cannot offer replacement due to improper use.