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600mm Transparent grow stick (restocking soon!)

600mm Transparent grow stick (restocking soon!)

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A clear pole for all your climbing aroids and other plants!

Take the guess work out of watering when using this clear pole, simply fill with your favourite substrate (we use a combo of fern fibre, bark, pumice and potting mix) and water as usual. Easy to see when it’s drying out too! Boosts the growth of of epiphytes and orchids that like light exposure to their roots.

Super easy one piece click together system and away you go! We recommend you bury the pole to the bottom of the pot for added stability.

The product is extendable and also trimmable to size to accommodate a large variety of plants!

Available in 2 Sizes:

Standard : 59.5cm tall x 6.5cm wide

Large : 59.5cm tall x 9cm wide



100% Recycled PET

All cut outs are done within the factory and recycled as well. No trimming of zip ties or other securing solutions which adds to the landfill. Yay!

Please note some items may have slight imperfections. Also these will be the last lot at 600mm, the new model will be more cost effective but only 400mm long, and still stackable :)


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