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Leca Hydroton

Leca Hydroton

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I love this stuff! Great for hydroculture, propagation, mixed into a potting medium of your choice for added drainage and aeration. 

When used in propagation it reduces the risk of a cutting rotting in water or too-wet potting mix (my tendency to over water coming into play here), soak over night in a container of water, drain and place in a container of your choice (I use a glass jar) fill with water just 1/3 full and ensure the cutting itself does not touch the water, these little guys will carry water to your cutting via capillary action, smart huh? Keep in a warm, brightly lit spot and you should see roots in a few weeks.

Pre-rinsed for your convenience.

Comes in 1 & 2 Litre bags.

Sourced from a local supplier. 


Why do you package Leca in plastic?

When it came to deciding between using plastic vs paper bags, we did research into this very thoroughly, and wanted something that was locally produced , and could stand up to the rigours of being shipped across Nz and protected its contents, we also wanted our packaging to be reusable and not just a throwaway item.

We chose a Nz based based company with local manufacturing in Auckland with an amazing work ethic! We did not want to choose a throwaway item produced overseas with unknown / unsustainable practices. Here’s why: 

Paper isn’t always better

You may not realize this but while it may sometimes seem  that using paper packaging products (eg imported paper bags) is the only way to go, it’s important to look at the sustainability of an item as a whole,

  • Carbon footprint

Distance: First we must look at how far an item has travelled, has it come from overseas, how did it get here, was it flown in? The carbon footprint for paper packaging could be MASSIVE in comparison to a plastic bag that was locally produced. 

Manufacturing: How was it produced, was the factory it was produced in employing sustainable practices? Is the waste produced from manufacturing the item recycled? Or just discarded? What are the emissions produced from the factory, is it hydro power vs coal power?

Material: What is your paper bag made from? Ideally it would be made from sustainably harvested (typically pine) forests and not rainforests ( I kid you not this has happened before and still happens today)

Lifespan: Is the packaging meant for a 1 time use or is it able to be reused and even repurposed once the product inside has been used up?

Supporting Local: And last but not least, by buying local we also supposed a local business! So the money we spend goes back into the NZ economy 😊



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