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Epipremnum aureum N'Joy

Epipremnum aureum N'Joy

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Clearance of our last few N’joy, these babies are lush but have some cosmetic brown spotting on the leaves due to a lack of humidity, oops! Your chance to nab a bargain!

These are established Epipremnum aureum N'Joy in a 14cm black hanging nursery pot. One of my favourites of the Epipremnum family!

New growth will have sweet petite leaves (unless you let them climb then they get bigger!) with their signature white to cream variegation which will become even more apparent with warmth and bright filtered light.

Loves a warm and bright spot with some humidity, water when just dry, does not like wet feet, I tend to water by feeling if the leaves are still firm, once they start to soften I give it a full water till it drips out the bottom of the pot.

Give it a fern pole or fern board to climb if you want your leaves to grow bigger and more mature!




  • Photos are given as a guide only. 
  • Photos are of our actual plants in stock (first two pictures are our plant at home of the same size), while all of our stock plants are very similar, we are more than happy to email you photos to select the plant you like best. Please leave us a note in the checkout.
  • As this is a nursery stock plant, it is planted in a peat based mix, which may or may not suit your environment (cold vs warm).




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