400ml Nightlight Humidifier
400ml Nightlight Humidifier
400ml Nightlight Humidifier
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400ml Nightlight Humidifier

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400ml Nightlight Humidifier

Ready to upgrade to a slightly bigger but not that big humidifier? Then this compact guy is the one for you! Has a minimalist cylinder shape that will look super snazzy in any room, and not only that, you can turn on the night light feature and bathe your corner of the room in the warmest glow!

Dual mist to keep everyone happy!

Features a simple twist top that you just take off to refill it's tank without having to carry it to the sink like other humidifiers. Handy not just for plants but wherever you need humidity.

Each humidifier comes with:

  • An absorbent sponge filters
  • Simple, easy to use instructions
  • USB Cable ( You will need a usb plug or outlet to use this)

Has 2 speed settings for humidity, continuous and intermittent, and a nightlight feature, lighting is quite soft warm toned and does not bother me in any way, but you can also turn off the light should you need to.

 To use:

  • Short press once to turn on Humidifier, twice to change to intermittent spray 
  • Long press once for night light mode 1 (Light remains constant)
  • Long press a second time to turn off light
  • Short press once more to turn off humidifier.



When you first get your humidifier set up I found it really helps to let the sponge filter absorb the water a little before turning it on, after that away you go! If one mister becomes blocked over time this can also be due to your water quality, a little white vinegar on a cotton bud works wonders to clean it.

Approx. dimensions 80 x 190mmH

Some boxes may be dented but not to worry, each and every unit is tested before being sent off!

As a word of caution, as with all electronic devices, we do not recommend you keep this in an enclosed prop box / tank etc, this can result in the electronics short circuiting and failing. 

Please ensure there is more than adequate ventilation to allow moisture to escape

Because of this we cannot offer replacement due to improper use.